Monday, October 30, 2006


Not too bad I guess

I guess life is not too bad for me, if I only complain once in a while about stuff eh.
Most things I blow off , life is short and bummers like the seasons come and go...

I am kind of bummed today about folks
I know I can not put my ideals and behavior codes on others, but sometimes you would think just basic courtesy would come into play.

Lets take something as small as emails and answering them. If someone sends me something, ask something, It would seems basic even if I am busy to at least reply I got your message, I will need to respond full later. Something like that to let them know I got it and it is not just off into cyberspace.
I guess that is just me.

So many time I send out questions, invites, whatever and get zip for response.
makes me sad... but then I am too sensitive and take things too's that artist thing I guess.

Well, I'm reading your blog girlie....And loving it. So please don't f**ing stop now!!! Ya hear me! lol

Your a cool chicky babe!

Zoe xx
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