Monday, October 30, 2006


Not too bad I guess

I guess life is not too bad for me, if I only complain once in a while about stuff eh.
Most things I blow off , life is short and bummers like the seasons come and go...

I am kind of bummed today about folks
I know I can not put my ideals and behavior codes on others, but sometimes you would think just basic courtesy would come into play.

Lets take something as small as emails and answering them. If someone sends me something, ask something, It would seems basic even if I am busy to at least reply I got your message, I will need to respond full later. Something like that to let them know I got it and it is not just off into cyberspace.
I guess that is just me.

So many time I send out questions, invites, whatever and get zip for response.
makes me sad... but then I am too sensitive and take things too's that artist thing I guess.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


I do not get it

WHy is it when there is no one else around for at least a mile, powerboaters alway have to come right up to you within yards before changing course, and in the process leave a big a$$ wake for you to deal with. Do they not have ANY consideration? WTF!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006



I do not get it! Why do many guys find it hard to flush the urinal after using it!!!, WTF Who wants to see and smell someone else's waste. They just are rude or lazy! Although that is not as bad as not WASHING YOUR HANDS afterwards, yuk!! Nasty WTF!
I hear from some lady friends that some women do not wash up afterwards as well. How does that make you feel guys?

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Maybe it is just me

Ok, I know that I can be overly sensitive. It is part of being an artist. I remember a graphic instructor who did hand writing interpretations saying, in front of the class. ____fill in public name, is sensitive, in fact very sensitive. I thought, hmmpt, I'm not that sensitive, then I thought how dare he say I'm that sensitive in front of the class. So I figured he was right. Anyway.
So I have this thing about politness. In this case on-line curtesy(sp), ( yeah I know my spelling sucks, I'm an artist not a English teacher). So if I'm running a on-line forum and someone gives an introduction, the polite thing to do is reply, at least, oh hello, welcome to blah blah blah forum. Make the person feel welcome. Not the case I am finding in several places. Oh I forgot, that would be WTF2.

Along those same lines, If I have a website with my stuff, lets say, pottery and I have my email up. Someone writes me, asks a few questions, and/or says some nice things about my stuff. It would be polite, I think to at least reply within a few weeks, saying , thanks blah blah blah, take care.

Maybe it's me. I just think weird.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


In the begining...

This blog really has no reason to be other than to just place some radom flashes in the pan of life that I do not get. I do not exspect comments and would be quite surprised if someone left something, shocked would be a better word.

Maybe I should have called it what the fudge?

heheh maybe I'll change it.

to start with

what the fudge 1.
Many folks go, "I could never be vegeterian" so why is it when there is pizza ordered the veggie one is ALWAYS the first to be gone. Gobbled up by the meat eaters, and us veggies heads are left with nothing or Pepperoni or some garbage grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. WTF?

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