Wednesday, July 12, 2006


In the begining...

This blog really has no reason to be other than to just place some radom flashes in the pan of life that I do not get. I do not exspect comments and would be quite surprised if someone left something, shocked would be a better word.

Maybe I should have called it what the fudge?

heheh maybe I'll change it.

to start with

what the fudge 1.
Many folks go, "I could never be vegeterian" so why is it when there is pizza ordered the veggie one is ALWAYS the first to be gone. Gobbled up by the meat eaters, and us veggies heads are left with nothing or Pepperoni or some garbage grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. WTF?

I have noticed the same phenomenon. There's something about mushroom pizza that makes it far more attractive than pepperoni or sausage, even to omnivores such as myself. But I never take the last piece just in case there's a vegetarian in the party.

By the way, is fudge vegetarian or vegan?

So are you shocked?
Yes! I am :-)
I think fudge is vegetarian, but not vegan.
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